Recently I have been doing work with form fields populated from the database. Obviously this, as standard, is not supported by Django.

After quite some time search, and 3 different approaches to this I decided to make my own. It has not been fully tested yet, but once it has I will post the code.

I havn’t released this class yet so don’t go trying it

To give you an idea as to the usage, note dfm is (currently) a 12 line class for convenience only, you could easily work without it.

for f in FormOption.objects.all():
        forms.BooleanField(required=False, label=f.title)

TheForm = dfm.form(_TheForm)

if request.method == 'POST':
    form = TheForm(request.POST)
    form = TheForm()

As you can see, after the first few lines, you go back to your normal Django code. It works with only a few dynamic fields, as well as displays the fields in the order you defined them. That was the main problem at least one of the alternatives I found.

You are also able to create your clean function in the forms to do some basic validation.

Expect this in a few weeks after some more testing has been done.