Updated: April, 2020

The below was correct many, many years ago. Things happened, time moved on and here we are now. The site still gets a reasonable amount of traffic so I didn’t want to dispose of it, but the server this was hosted on is well out of date and there is no convenient upgrade path. It’s also running an old version of Django and something needed to be done.

So, here we are. I’ve taken the bulk of the site content, thrown it into Jekyll and it is now a static site. A relatively smooth transition. The content was already in Markdown, the theme was light. I’ve customised the default minima theme very slightly; Extended the width & added a sidebar to some sections.

One missing feature is search but there really isn’t enough content that you can’t get there in 2 clicks.

If my attention is drawn back to Django in the future, hopefully I will get back on board but, as it stands, my job is requiring primarily PHP (Laravel, Magento 2, Wordpress) and there isn’t enough time to dedicate to this site.


DjangoRocks.com formed in January 2009 as a site to share Tutorials, Hints & Tips as well as a number of Applications written in Django.

After very few updates in 2011, the site was completely re-written in February 2012. New site structure, new design, simpler backend & many new code snippets. The sharing part was never really implemented in the 2009 version…..or the 2012 version - but did include Disqus, which like many great sites, is built with Django.

Technologies used to build this site

The bits used to power this site