There are many ways and places to aid in your learning of Django, but everybody learns differently. The really crucial thing to have is time, patience and perseverance. It also helps if you have a project in mind, rather than just to expand your knowledge - know what your building rather than trying to figure that out as you go as well.

A lot of people looking at Django have little to no Python experience, so not only are they learning a new framework, but a new programming language as well - that said, here as some helpful places to start.

This website

This website has many tutorials, code snippets and articles to help you whether just starting out, or even if you’ve been working with Django for a while. There is even a section on books, both printed and e-books, that may help.

Obviously, this website isn’t the only way to learn Django.

The official documentation

You have no doubt already seen the official documentation, but it is a great place to start. It’s definitely worth just spending time reading & getting oriented, even if not to learn. Everyone spends time here at one point or another, so just spend time taking things in.

While it is out of date, has 20 chapters guiding you through the majority of the key points you need to know for Django - it even covers a few things you’ll need to know as your site grows.

The Django google group

The Django google group has a lot of people connected with a wide range of skills and experience. It’s a great place to ask questions if you get stuck & with the added bonus of the new google layout, doesn’t feel quite as bad. Don’t forget, even if you aren’t really using it for help or providing advice, signup anyway as many people will give you new ideas and ways of accomplishing things.